Use the Company Quick Check to get a quick and direct overview of whether your organisation needs to change or optimise its existing working model. Rank yourself and your organisation on the following eight statements and immediately receive a short evaluation regarding the status of your hybrid working model.

In our organisation, there are already employees who have an employment contract independent of location or who are in fact assigned to a location but cannot or rarely come to the office due to their place of residence or life circumstances.
We do not yet have a final company agreement that regulates mobile working in the medium and long term. Or, if no company agreement is necessary, no process, no regulation, no guideline for mobile working.
There is a lack of clarity among managers and/or staff as to where and how they can work together in the future.
Employee satisfaction surveys reveal challenges in terms of collaboration. For example, in communication, feedback culture, cross-functional collaboration, efficiency of remote collaboration, etc.
Engagement in online meetings and participation in cross-company exchange and communication formats is declining or low. Social events without a clear working character do not take place or are not very popular.
Office space has already been adapted and/or reduced or is being planned.
Our recruiting team is not able to paint a clear picture of how and with which modalities work is done in my organisation (e.g. arrangements for mobile working) and does not pro-actively provide information (e.g. as part of employer branding activities) on the topic of work organisation.
Recruiting beyond the catchment area of our current locations (remote first recruiting) is urgently needed to meet our growth needs within the company or certain parts of the company.

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