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We all sense that the world of work is transforming. But very few of us know exactly what that means and how this transformation can be shaped. That's why New Work Times magazine aims to educate, inform and inspire people to rethink the world of work. Trends, reports and events are presented every two months.

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Highly topical issues and news from the world of work
Practical tips and concrete application examples for new tools and trends
Field reports and concrete recommendations for start-ups from the New Work sector
References to free information material such as white papers, journals or articles
Personal experiences, successes and anecdotes by Prof. Dr. Johanna Bath

What does New Work mean anyway?

Meaning and definition

New Work refers to the change in the world of work toward more opportunities for development, for example, free development of ideas or more personal responsibility. The term encompasses a whole "toolbox" of new mindsets and practical methods. You want to learn more about New Work, Hybrid Work and Remote Work? Here you will find basic explanations of the definitions.

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The future of work

Figures, trends and field reports

The New Work Times newsletter is packed with all the news, latest trends, figures and field reports. Being up to date on New Work topics means being prepared for the future world of work and thus being able to participate in the transformation. However, this only works with sound knowledge and a view beyond one's own nose.

Events, webinars and other opportunities for training and exchange are also published. Get a sneak peek at the first issue of the magazine here. Click through to the newsletter to learn more about the content and why it's worth your while to subscribe.

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Upcoming events, webinars, and other networking opportunities
Reality checks, problems and challenges
Interesting figures from studies and research
Tips for further training in the area of New Work

"A magazine I would have liked to have myself.

As a professor at ESB Business School researches Prof. Dr. Johanna Bath has been researching trends in the world of work for years and is one of the most sought-after experts on the topic of "hybrid work" and "hybrid leadership" in Germany.

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