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How Managers Successfully Shape Hybrid Work

Hybrid Work presents companies with new challenges. The new edited work by Johanna Bath and Katrin Winkler looks at the topic for the first time from an overall corporate perspective, includes all organizational levels and shows a successful implementation.

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NZZ Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Johanna Bath in interview (October 2023): Professor at ESB Business School: Employees are less loyal in companies where attendance is mandatory

Handelsblatt, Johanna Bath interview (July 2023): Every minute of commuting time hurts

Manager Seminars (December 2022): Deficient Work Organizations: Hybrid obstacles

Time for X (July 2022): Hybrid Work - A Question of Values and Cultures

CIOmove (2022): New Work and Old Leadership: Recipe for Disaster

Financial by emotion (February 2022): Networking comes from Work

Haufe Academy (2022): Post-Corona as an Opportunity for New Leadership - 5 Steps to a New Leadership Culture

Handelsblatt, Johanna Bath interview (April 2022): What skills do employees need for the new world of work?

SWR, Interview with Johanna Bath (March 2022): Balance on the topic of home office after two years of Corona.

SWR, Johanna Bath interview (February 2022): Status of home office use in companies.

herCAREER, Johanna Bath interview (2022): How mentoring can be used to develop the potential of employees


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Prof. Johanna Bath

As a professor at ESB Business School, she has been researching trends in the world of work for years and is one of the most sought-after experts on the topic of "hybrid work" and "hybrid leadership" in Germany.

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