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Take advantage of our Hybrid Work consultation now. We'll be happy to share our experience with you and provide initial guidance. What does your organization need now? Is our approach the right one? How can we help? These questions can be answered in a first, personal exchange.

    Founder Prof. Johanna Bath

    As a professor at ESB Business School, she has been researching trends in the world of work for years and is one of the most sought-after experts on the topic of "Hybrid Work" and "Hybrid Leadership" in Germany. After almost 15 years in responsible positions in consulting and industry, she founded talentista now and has been offering hybrid work consulting ever since.

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    Johanna Bath: Hybrid Work Counselling

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    Hybrid Work Consulting

    Hybrid Work Consulting

    Hybrid work is the future of work, so now is exactly the right time to prepare your organisation for it. How can office space be used efficiently? How can New Work really be lived and which measures will keep employees at the centre of the change project? We support you step by step with our proven consulting approach.

    Hybrid Work Index

    Hybrid Work Index

    Our Hybrid Work Index is the first tool that makes the quality of a hybrid work organisation measurable and controllable. The factors from the index have been proven to correlate with performance factors such as employee effectiveness, retention or employer attractiveness. The complexity of an organisation is mapped and structured with the help of the tool. Operational measures are designed on this basis.

    Virtual Reality and Hybrid Work

    Hybrid Work Continuing Education

    We offer a comprehensive range of customised New Work training. Based on our learning philosophy, organisations are thus enabled to design or further develop a working model of the future. Our offer ranges from team workshops to internationally recognised university certificates. A strong, hybrid working model needs employees and know-how to be built up.