We are making the world of work ready for the future.

For us, this means that everyone can develop their own talents in the best possible way, when, where and how it suits them best - hybrid.

The best time to fundamentally realign work organizations was yesterday. The second best time is right now.

The development of a new work organization is complex. It does not adhere to divisional boundaries or fixed subject areas. There are no simple answers to complex questions. But we help to structure the complexity, record the status quo and set measures. This is done on the basis of scientific data, which we collect and analyze as part of our Hybrid Work Assessment.

This is the only way to design a functioning work model that ensures employee loyalty and at the same time increases performance. It is therefore worthwhile to measure the quality of a work organization. The Hybrid Work Index provides important key figures in the areas of leadership, communication, collaboration and infrastructure and enables benchmarking and measurement of the effectiveness of measures.

Holistic consulting

Hybrid Work is the future of work.

We know from scientific studies that companies are more successful when a hybrid work organization succeeds. Optimization of performance and employee retention are the focus when establishing hybrid work models.

Hybrid Work Consulting
Hybrid Work Index

Quality of work must be made measurable.

With the Hybrid Work Index, the introduction of a new work model becomes a manageable project that is led to measurable success with the greatest possible overview.

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    "Businesses need solutions that are aligned with their status quo and strategy. Let's figure out together what the solution looks like for your business. "

    Prof. Johanna BathFounder talentista now

    Founder Prof. Johanna Bath

    As a professor at ESB Business School, she has been researching trends in the world of work for years and is one of the most sought-after experts on the topic of "hybrid work" and "hybrid leadership" in Germany.

    After almost 15 years in responsible positions in consulting and industry, she founded talentista now. The goal was and is to make our working world a little better.

    Hybrid working with talentista now means that human centricity and performance are not opposites. On the contrary, they can only succeed together. This philosophy is reflected in the consulting approach "Roadmap to Hybrid".

    In numerous podcastinterviews, panel discussions and media reports, Prof. Johanna Bath sets out her ideas on hybrid work and shapes the discussion on the future of work in Germany.

    New Work Podcasts

    Numerous interviews with Prof. Johanna Bath have been collected in a playlist and promise exciting topics and input on hybrid work, new work, work models, performance and employee retention.

    New Work Times

    The e-magazine for the working world of tomorrow. New Work Times aims to educate, inform and inspire to rethink the world of work. Trends, reports and events are presented every two months.


    Prof. Johanna Bath is one of the most sought-after experts on the topic of New Work in Germany. Discover all published articles and interviews by and about Johanna Bath and the newly published book "Hybrid Work".

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