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Hybrid Work

Hybrid Work: The best podcasts

From June 7, 2022July 18th, 2022No comments
Hybrid Work Podcasts

One of the top business buzzwords of the last two years is "hybrid". Hybrid work, hybrid collaboration, hybrid workplaces, hybrid teams - the list is long. The pandemic has naturally driven the establishment of new working models. Without much preparation and formal foundations, hybrid forms of work have been sprouted from the ground. Necessity is the mother of invention and a certain boost certainly does no harm. But now it's time to take an in-depth look at hybrid forms of work. Because a foosball table in the office and two fixed office days per week are not enough.

Hybrid Work: Why there is no drive-in solution

This is exactly what we have been talking about in a few podcasts over the last few months. There is no quick and universal solution. Every company has to address the issue and the developments. This way, individual models can be created that fit the purpose of the organisation, the needs of the employees and the current status quo. Here we present three podcasts that are definitely worth listening to!

Hybrid work - simple and complex at the same time

The podcast "Philosophers of Work - The Future of Work" is about the change in the world of work. It's all about digitalisation, artificial intelligence, new work and society. Why hybrid work is complex and simple at the same time becomes clear in our podcast episode. We talk about company agreements and emergency solutions, sustainable office solutions and why so many people are oversleeping the transformation of the working world. The current relevance, concrete measures, practical examples and how the office world will change in the next year are also topics. The fact is: those who only think about technology are thinking too briefly. Why we need to get away from the idea of creating a perfect solution for the next 20 years? Take a listen here!

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Hybrid working models: Podcast The Working Philosophers
Hybrid working models: Podcast New Performance

How does healthy, hybrid work succeed?

What exactly does hybrid work mean? How can we effectively shape this new form of collaboration? We get to the bottom of these questions in the New Performance Podcast. The podcast is a good companion for everyone who wants to create a healthy, meaningful and sustainable working world. Together with Benjamin Rolff, we clarify the opportunities and risks and what changes we need at the level of attitude, leadership and structure so that hybrid work can succeed. The podcast is an ideal introduction to this seemingly complex topic.

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Employee Experience in Hybrid Work Environments

This podcast episode with GainTalents is all about the employee journey and experience. Employee touchpoints with the company are a decisive factor in a hybrid working world and the design of these touchpoints is immensely important, especially in location-independent working environments. That's why we go into the most important points that companies should consider for a sustainably successful employee experience. We also explain why hybrid working models sometimes make it difficult to positively shape the employee journey. How is it still possible? Have a listen.

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Hybrid working models: Podcast Gaintalents

All three podcasts are great introductions to the topic to grasp the basic idea and get inspiration for the design of hybrid work models. It is explained in an understandable way what hybrid work should not look like and why there is no one size fits all solution. For many companies this is a challenge and where to start is often not clear. If you would like more information on our approach, you can find here our consulting approach.