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    Prof. Johanna Bath

    Companies need individual solutions for work models.

    Solutions must be adapted to the status quo and to the organization's strategy in order to function sustainably and be successful.


    Founder Prof. Johanna Bath

    As a professor at ESB Business School, she has been researching trends in the world of work for years and is one of the most sought-after experts on the topic of "Hybrid Work" and "Hybrid Leadership" in Germany. After almost 15 years in responsible positions in consulting and industry, she founded talentista now and has been offering hybrid work consulting ever since.

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    The best of two worlds

    Hybrid Work is the future of work. That's why now is exactly the right time to prepare organizations for it. We support step by step with our proven consulting approach.

    Hybrid Work Consulting
    Making work quality visible

    With the Hybrid Work Index, the introduction of a new work model becomes a quantifiable, controllable project that is led to measurable success with the greatest possible overview.

    Hybrid Work Assessment
    Shape the future

    The design of work models has long been a core competence that every company should have. In the Hybrid Work Expert course, participants are empowered to implement change projects sustainably.

    Hybrid Work Expert

    Customers who trust us.

    Now is the right time to shape the future of work.

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