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What are the trends for 2023?


New Work is becoming more and more present in German companies. Even if Germany is not a pioneer in terms of new work culture, we recognize curiosity and movement in the organizations. What challenges will we face in 2023? How can we support the establishment of a new work culture? We have summarized ten trends in our new whitepaper.

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As we all know, change begins with the first step, and that looks different in every organization. The evolution toward a new work model is individual and requires correspondingly individual measures. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for New Work, which is also reflected in our consulting experience over the past year. No matter what phase of transformation your organization is in - with our consulting approach, we bring New Work work models to success.

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The integration of

Virtual Reality.


Metaverse - no other word has been so popular in 2022. Only a few applications have made it into the real office world so far, but it's still worth jumping on the bandwagon with virtual reality. The glasses make location-independent interaction possible, which will soon be standard in a digital working world. How can they be used in the first, small steps in everyday corporate life?

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"Virtual reality is a trend that can digitally can connect and bring fun."


This year, we were able to accompany the first pilots in terms of management development with Lumium GmbH and both the customers and we were enthusiastic. We offer different trainings for employees and managers with virtual reality. Individual needs become visible and agile transformation is made possible.

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Virtual Reality and Hybrid Work


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